A Crossroads In Realities Transmission 2

My humble apologies, dear readers, for the abrupt end to my last transmission. As I tried to explain earlier, I have a very short window of time to transmit to you these things. Why this is, I do not know, but it does seem the opportunity arises at fairly regular intervals.

As I explained earlier, my Great Grandfather, “The Time Traveller,” created our alternate realities when he first began his adventures in time, we somehow parted ways with your world, and ours went off on another tangent. Where once we were one and the same, we seem to now live in very very different realities. However, I say that we are very different, I have noticed something that I shall call a crossroads in our timelines. It seems that many of your people follow a culture, or trend, that is so close to our existence that it defies the probability that it is coincidence. This culture is Steampunk. It is amazing, it is as if somehow you can see our world in your mind’s eye, and recreate it in your art, and the way you dress. As I understand it, this trend started around the mid-eighties, and has continued since then until this day. Therefore this is leading me to believe that maybe, just maybe, my Great Grandfather may still be wandering around time and space, and somehow leaving his imprint on your society.

I will leave you with this though until next time as my transmission time for today has come to an end. Thank for your time good people, I will be in contact soon.

Your faithful servant

Alexander Tiberius Mortimer.

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