A Crossroads In Realities Transmission 4

A very good day to you all my friends, especially to Lady Lisa Bubblicious who has asked a question of me, which is “How do the Skyships work?” The simple answer is by steam of course, but as always, nothing is that simple. They float by using lighter than air gas somewhat similar to the blimps that you use in your world. The major difference lies  in the propulsion system, where we nearly always use steam powered turbines or steam jets for the more subtle controlling for docking. Wherever we can, we use steam power for our engines as water is so readily available.

How we create the steam however, may fascinate you. We manufacture a Crystal that my Great Grandfather discovered which has unique properties, these crystals I believe your scientists are now only beginning to discover. One of the properties is that they vibrate and give out pulses even when there is no energy input. I really don’t think our scientific communities fully understand this, but it works. We use these crystals for many things like computing, lighting and also generating heat to power our steam engines. The crystals are a wonderful thing, without them, I doubt that our atmosphere would be able to sustain us with all of the smoke produced from coal. Where coal served its purpose in the 19th and early 20th century, it’s time is over.

As I stated earlier, these crystals also power our computers, I believe that they hold the explanation as to how I am able to make contact between our realities, which I will try to explain in my next transmission, as usual if you have any questions about my world , I would be honoured in my humble way to answer them for you. Also, dear Lady Lisa, I sincerely hope that my answer to your question was adequate, if you need to know more, it would be my pleasure to enlighten you.

Until next time my friends.





Artwork courtesy of Pixabay

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