A Crossroads In Realities Transmission 6

It’s a fine sunny winters morning here in my world, the sort of day where  you sit back and contemplate the world around you, and wonder if things are just fate or if there is some grandiose design in the making. Well to be honest, my thoughts are not so much an effect of the weather, but more than likely to do with the adventure that befell me over the last two days.  It all started after I finished my last transmission to you the other day. As you may recall, whilst I was writing to you there was a knock at the door and I had to cut short the communication, well low and behold, it was my Great Grandfather. It happens every time he visits, I am thinking of him, and he just turns up. I really do not think that this is an uncanny coincidence, but somehow the crossroads in our realities creates a sort of shared knowledge. Anyway, that is a train of thought to save for another day. Onward with my small adventure.

I was sitting at my bureau writing to you all, when there was a knock at the door. Before I could see who it was my study door burst open, and in rushed my G. Grandfather, who looked somewhat panicked and flustered. I am one of the few people that he has confided in with his adventures. I know that Mr H. G. Wells is obviously one of the people who is privy to the story, but he is long gone now. I ushered him to a seat and gave him a brandy which he gulped down in one go, this seemed to have an immediate calming effect on his nerves. I prepared him another, and one for myself, and we sat down to talk. After the few usual niceties, asking about each others health and the like, more serious matters were spoken of, he proclaimed that he had a task of the utmost importance for me to do if I am willing. Of course, I said that if I am capable I will do all that I can to help, not knowing what I was letting myself in for. His answer to that was ” Do not be so hasty dear boy, I need to send you on a quest that I have never asked of anyone else.” Obviously, I was listening intently and was eager to find out what this quest may be.

My G Grandfather told me that it is of great importance that knowledge of his time machine do not enter the timelines, and that it is imperative that his story is only known as a work of fiction, and not as a scientific fact. His fear is that if the knowledge becomes to widely available during the Victorian era, the possibilities would be catastrophic. What he wished for me to do was truly mind blowing, he needed me to go back in time, and sit in on in the meeting where he first told the story of his adventure to his dinner guests. On hearing this I dropped my brandy in shock. He told me that my task was to ensure that the dinner guests did not believe his story and to persuade them that it was just play acting concocted by he and Mr Wells as after dinner entertainment, and to see the reaction to such a new and outlandish tale. First of all, I would have to talk to Mr Wells to ensure that he would go along with our plan. My G Grandfather was sure he would do, as he was a good and honourable friend. He advised me to play it by ear, and urged me to do the best I can. Naturally, I agreed to this quest, who wouldn’t? It is the chance of a lifetime. So off we went to his house, which I never even knew existed, apparently he had kept it for all of these years as a refuge and a safe starting place for his adventures. Probably not too difficult when you are a time traveller.

It was only about  thirty minute walk to the house which was in a secluded cul-de-sac, untouched by time, the architecture was very similar to what we have today, but less flamboyant. On stepping inside, it really was like stepping back in time one hundred and twenty years. It was very well kept apart from my G. Grandfather’s notes scattered on his desk. I thought about asking him how it was kept in such good order, but decided that this may be a tad rude, also, I was eager to see the time machine and begin my quest. So without further ado we head for the workshop, which is situated at the back of the house.

On entering, to say that I was astounded would be an understatement, there in the middle of the floor stood the most amazing contraption that I had ever laid eyes upon. I was unsure whether the ornate shapes of brass and crystals were ornamental or had some practical function, the saddle, or seat, really was the only thing I knew the purpose of, which led to some trepidation in me as to whether I had the skill to operate this wonderful machine. As it turned out, the controls were ridiculously simple. A dial, where you set the date and time, and a lever to power up, and the further that you slide the lever the faster you travel through time. Apparently, this lever also doubles as a key,  in it operated a time crystal, which I have talked about in previous transmissions. Without this key, the machine was useless, so I was advised to keep it on my person at all times. There was a chain attached so it could be hung around the neck as an amulet. I was also advised to only use about half power, as the effects of travelling through time at first are quite nauseating.

I was now beginning to feel extremely nervous, wondering what I had let myself in for, as I climb in to the machine and sat upon the seat, my hands were shaking uncontrollably. My G.Grandfather pat me on my shoulder, and gave me a reassuring look, and then withdrew to a safe distance, then gave me a nod to begin my fantastic journey through time. The date had already been set, so I push the lever forward slowly at first, I looked up and was amazed to see images of myself, walking backwards away from the machine. The look on my face was hilarious, as my mouth was open in amazement, I will remember that look for a long time to come. The jovial thoughts though were quick to wear off. As I pushed the speed control further forward to the half way mark, I saw the passing of days and then years flash by my face, it was if the sun was spinning in the sky and then becoming like a bright single arc stretching like a rainbow before me. I saw the seasons with all the colours flash before me like photographs to fast to perceive, then it all seemed like a multicoloured blur, I was all of a sudden slipping from my seat, thinking that there should be some sort of harness to hold you secure. As I thought this like a jolt without movement, which is difficult to explain, everything became clear, I had arrived, just in time as well, because I fell out of my seat onto the floor with such a force I was almost knocked senseless. Lucky, there was no damage done and I soon came to my senses, I looked around, nothing seemed to have changed, same tools, same workshop, all more or less the same as when I stepped into the machine. I stood, and immediately felt dizzy and disoriented, this soon passed and I gathered my composure. I have arrived some 120 years to my past, to a time when you the reader, and my realities are in the same timeline. We have not yet been separated by paradoxes that split us apart to make our futures/pasts so different. I gathered my thoughts and attempted to form a plan in my mind, I have arrived mid afternoon on the day of the dinner party where the time traveller arrives late midway through dinner and then goes on to recount his fantastic tale of his journey to the end of the world itself.

My first thought is to get in touch with Mr Wells, he knows about the time machine, and as I have said before is a good friend to my Grandfather, so I think that he should be my first port of call. That should leave me enough time to get back here for the dinner party I step out into Victorian England for the first time and take in my surroundings, the cul-de-sac looks much the same, I venture to the end of the road, and cannot help but notice the acrid smell of smoke in the air, I had forgotten that in this age all heat and power is derived from burning fossil fuels. Alas, the recounting if my adventure will have to wait until the next transmission. Time is short. So until the next time my friends.


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