A Crossroads In Reality Transmission 3

A good day to you all, I trust that life is treating you well.

Today I will endeavor to describe the uncanny similarities between our timeline and your fascinating steampunk culture. To start with the goggles, yes, many of us do wear goggles, some which are highly decorated and some quite plain. There are a few reasons for this, and yes, fashion I suppose does come into it, but also they are very useful. Especially in a society that is based on and applauds engineering as we do, the goggles, cogs and gears as fashion accessories pay tribute to the inventors and engineers that built our great society.

Also, another similarity is the use of our skyships. These are used for journeys long and short, however, the shorter journeys around our cities, the airships are guided by cables, as the sky’s soon become congested and this is the safest way to ensure swift and efficient journeys. The longer journeys are by, what we call “Great Ships,” which float gracefully and majestically ¬†between cites and continents. We do have high speed transports, but nothing compares to a journey aboard one of our Great Ships.

If you have any questions, please I urge you to ask them in the comments section below, I will endeavour to answer all of your queries during my next transmission.

I thank you once again for your time ladies and gentlemen and I bid you farewell.

Your faithful servant,

Alexander Tiberius Mortimer.

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