A Crossroads in Reality Transmission 5

Time Crystals.

Good day to you all. First I must humbly apologize for the time it has taken to get this transmission out to you. The phenomenon that allows me to make contact with your reality has been at inopportune times, and  I find this at times very frustrating, but my impatience must be held in check, as I hold no control over whatever it may be that allows me to contact your world.

When answering Lady Lisa’s question about the powering of our skyships, you may recall that I mentioned the “Time Crystals” that power much of our machinery, these have only just been discovered in your timeline and if you are fascinated by these you can get more info on them HERE, it really is an interesting subject. Unfortunately, I was strictly forbidden by my Great Grandfather to pass on knowledge of the crystals usage to you, he says your scientists will discover many things in their allotted times. He believes passing on such knowledge may cause a paradox of too large a scale, he insists that these paradoxes never work out for the better. I really do trust his judgement in these matters.

I have met my Great Grandfather over the years, he, for all I know still wanders eternity in search of I know not what. But at times he visits me, which I find somewhat confusing, as sometimes he is an old man and sometimes middle aged, he keeps telling me that he has all of eternity at his fingertips, but so little time. I think  that he may be trying to change some terrible incident in our timelines, but so far he has declined to divulge as to what it may be.

There is someone knocking at my door, so until next time my friends.


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