Kingdom Of Clockwork, audiobook review.

Kingdom Of Clockwork By Billy O-Shea Review

Audio Book

Kingdom of Clockwork When I was first asked to review Kingdom of Clockwork, I said that I would be happy to do so. However, on accepting to do this, I had a sense of trepidation, realising that I had to finish reading, or in this case listening the whole way through, and it would be tough luck if I didn’t enjoy it.

I had never heard of Billy O’Shea or any of his books. Well, my fears were soon squashed, as my commute to work became a fantastic adventure into political intrigue, royal court shenanigans, and a beautifully described steampunk post-apocalyptic world where the naive, and innocent, reluctant hero Karl Nielsen just wants to have a normal life fulfilling his passion of working on clocks. After being noticed and befriended by the King, this idea of a simple life is soon the stuff of dreams. Karl becomes mixed up with war, revolution, and a confusing world of not knowing the truth, or who is your friend.

One of the things that I love about this story is that I actually believe this is how governments work nowadays, not being able to believe what you are hearing, or in some cases seeing. Or where the people that you thought were trusted friends, stab you in the back, and then as soon as you are needed again they pick you up, brush you down, and explain how necessary your downfall was for the good of all. With some of those things, I think that many of us have been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

So to sum it up, I fully recommend Kingdom Of Clockwork, and I have just started the next adventure of our hero Karl, in “Its Only A Clockwork Moon”



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