The Steampunkiness of Doctor Who?

From when I was a young (7 years old) child in November of 1963, Dr. Who has always been one of my favorite TV shows, from the first episode of An Unearthly Child with William Hartnell, right up until the most recent incarnation of the Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

I cannot help when I look back at these early episodes, to not notice how steampunk the characters seem to be, (By characters, I include the Daleks and Cybermen). Obviously, I am not the first to have noticed this, what with all of the photos I have seen where these two have been well and truly “Punked” Then there is the first Dr himself. Who plays the absentminded but brilliant professor type. This may hark back to the movies of the H.G. Wells and Jules Verne Sci-Fi style from the same and earlier era, where the hero is often portrayed as this archetypal type character

“Stainley” the stained glass Dalek, designed by Chris Thompson .

Now getting to the more modern series of Dr Who. This is where the directors really have got into the whole steampunk theme. They now seem to love going back to the Victorian era, most noticeably in the Christmas special, which even included a steam powered robot with gears, (see video below) and the cybermen which we know are mechanically enhanced humans. Also, there is the design of the tardis which definitely, in my opinion, goes along with S.P. style. Also there is the sonic screwdriver , which is becoming more S.P. with each series.

Next are they going to tell us that the Tardis is really powered by steam.

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